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Partners Program

Partners program

Become a "VIP Affiliate Partner" and earn up to 100% commission on your own sales and up to 10% commission on partner’s sales that you have introduced!

​By becoming a “Partner" you can earn substantial amounts of money by promoting our exclusive products. By simply directing your visitors to us you can easily increase your potential earnings! You will also earn commissions on any repeat sales from customers referred to us by you.

How it works:

Our "Partner" program is simple and easy to use. If you have a Website, Blog, or send emails to an approved "opted in list" all you need to do is display links (banners, graphic boxes, text links) or post on Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin.

​Every time someone clicks on the link from your website, blog or email and then makes a purchase of one of our exclusive products you will earn a commission on that sale and any repeat sales over an unlimited period. Although “Partners" can be based anywhere in the world, the focus of marketing activity can be aimed worldwide .


Why join?

It’s "Great Value" and easy!

Our products are credible, well-established market leaders of the highest quality.

Earn up to 100% commission on your own sales.

We offer a two-tier programme, so as you introduce successful “Partners” you will earn up to 10% commission on their sales.

We pay commissions monthly.

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